NBA – Wembanyama cited for DPOY, the Wolves put pressure on Gobert!

French NBA players Rudy Gobert (left) and Victor Wembanyama (right)

Voting for individual trophies will take place shortly, with a real debate for the DPOY.

Can Victor Wembanyama overthrow Rudy Gobert, favorite for this title? The Wolves are starting to put pressure on.

As the regular season comes to an end this Sunday evening, we will be treated to a little suspense regarding the individual trophies.

Nikola Jokic seems favorite for DPOY, but Luka Doncic and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander have something to say when we see their campaign.

For the rookie of the year, however, a real highway is emerging for Victor Wembanyama with his prowess.

The Frenchman quickly won over everyone, like his 3.6 average blocks.

Some fans go further, however, with the desire to see Wemby DPOY, ahead of Rudy Gobert who has long been considered the favorite.

Have things changed? Not really, although it must be recognized that Wembanyama has scored some points recently .

Wolves begin campaign for Gobert

However, don’t count on the Wolves to just sit back and do nothing.

With voters taking action very soon, the franchise has started its campaign to support Rudy and his possible DPOY title.

On Twitter, the CM therefore rushed to publish the Frenchman’s defensive prowess, just to reestablish the truth.

Rudy Gobert for the title of defender of the year. Leader of the best defense in the NBA.

First in defensive rating (104.2). First in defensive win shares (5.9). Second in rebounding (13). Fourth in defensive rebounds (9.2). Sixth in blocks (2.1). Second with games with more than 15 rebounds (29).

It’s difficult to see Gobert lose this trophy, especially since Spurs have a poor record which hurts Wembanyama’s chances.

But let Rudy take advantage of it, because it should be radically different in the future…

The Wolves are putting pressure on at the end of this regular season, with the firm intention of seeing Rudy Gobert win another DPOY title.

It will be very complicated for Victor Wembanyama.

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