“Peak Marketing”: Fans Bow Down as Nike Drops Victor Wembanyama’s Latest GT Hustle 2 ‘Alien’ Teaser

The hype of Nike x Victor Wembanyama GT Hustle 2 ‘Alien’ is getting real. The signature sneakers with an alien logo is what everybody is seeking. The release date of the sneakers is set to early May.

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The latest pair of sneakers from the highly anticipated Nike x Victor Wembenyama line has finally been tested through a video.

The video of the GT Hustle 2 ‘Alien’ just surfaced on the internet and has reached the social feed of sneakerheads.

A video shared through a major NBA X handle, NBA Central, which was a reshared official video teaser of the Nike Zoom GT Hustle 2, left a lasting impression on NBA fans.

The video featured a large greenfield with long grasses and finally revealed the Alien logo of the shoe series.

The video was dropped when the whole United States was busy exploring the Solar Eclipse.

Taking the Eclipse’s reference, a fan wrote, “Using the eclipse as a time to release this is peak marketing.”


However, along with fans highlighting the crucial time of the video being shared, many fans applauded the logo as well as the overall shoes.







What is in there for the Nike x Victor Wembanyama GT Hustle 2 ‘Alien’?

The Nike x Victor Wembanyama GT Hustle 2 ‘Alien’ is a highly anticipated sneaker designed to celebrate the extraordinary presence of the 20-year-old NBA sensation, Victor Wembanyama.


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This unique “PE” variant of the GT Hustle 2 sneakers pays homage to Wembanyama’s moniker “Alien,” bestowed upon him by none other than LeBron James.

With its captivating Black and Green palette adorned with cosmic prints, the sneaker exudes an extraterrestrial vibe that perfectly captures Wembanyama’s otherworldly stature and allure on the court.

The glow-in-the-dark soles ensure an eye-catching presence, adding a futuristic and captivating element to the design.

The subtle message “Be Unique Every Day” embedded in the design resonates with Wembanyama’s individuality and reinforces the sneaker’s appeal to his fans.

As per Sneaker Bar Detroit, the long-awaited Wemby’s x Nike Zoom GT Hustle 2 “Alien” will finally make its retail debut on May 3, 2024, at selected Nike Basketball retailers and Nike.com.

Priced at $170 USD and available in men’s sizes, this sneaker is a must-have for fans who are eager to capture Wembanyama’s extraordinary presence and style.


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