Shocking Update For Charlotte Hornets Could Jeopardise LeBron James’ Perfect Vegas Dream

It’s no surprise that LeBron James wants to own an NBA franchise. The four-time champion has been very vocal about his wish to own one of the new expansion teams.

Interestingly, King James plans to assemble the Avengers of the League when it comes to coaching and executives.

One of the chief candidates for Bron’s team in Las Vegas is his fellow podcast host, JJ Redick.

However, a recent update might foil James’ plan for a “perfect” franchise. According to an X post by ‘Run it Back’:

“JJ Redick has interviewed for the Charlotte Hornets head coaching job, I’m told, he could have another interview soon as well, he’s a serious candidate…” 

James, in his podcast ‘Mind the Game’ with Redick, confessed,  “I tell you, when I get my team, the teams that draft well, those guys will be working for me for sure.” 

This illustrates the fact that he has big plans for his team, and the inclusion of JJ would have been a bonus

. Moreover, LBJ also went on to shout out the Oklahoma City Thunders in this front, saying, “OKC does an unbelievable job with that.”

However, if Shams Charania is to be believed, Redick is already considering Charlotte Hornets as his home.

So, what options does Bron have in his arsenal? Well, there is one, and it’s King James’ former teammate.

Will LeBron James pair up with his former teammate?

The former teammate is, of course, Rajon Rondo, who has explicitly stated his wish to coach Bron’s team. “I’m just waiting on Bron to buy that team in Vegas,” said Rondo during a recent interview.

In that same episode of ‘Mind the Game’, LeBron James backed this stance, remarking, “Rajon Rondo, for sure. He can process flip, do things on the go, like [that].”

“It’s very weird to me that he’s not coaching at a high level.

I think it’s because he doesn’t want to do it. It is a lot, it is a lot and who wants to deal with all these rich, entitled guys all the time?

It’s just a weird thing, man, it’s just a weird thing,” he further added. So, as of now, not all hope is lost.

Even if JJ ends up in the Hornets, LBJ has guys like Rondo ready to be of service to him.

By the time LeBron sets up the franchise, Rando will be ready to coach. Do you think they would make a great duo? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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