Stephen Curry’s potential danger to the Warriors and the only way out that the Warriors have for Stephen Curry: “The only thing I can do is…

Steve Kerr is cutting Stephen Curry's minutes -- is it because he knows  this Warriors season is a lost cause? - CBSSports.comThe Golden State Warriors have a big problem right now. They’re at a serious risk of missing the playoffs, and they’re no longer the NBA championship-caliber team they once were.

Stephen Curry is still a superstar, but he cannot do all the heavy lifting on his own.

The Warriors’ supporting cast has been lacking, and GM Mike Dunleavy Jr. was unable or unwilling to improve the roster midseason.

The biggest issue with him is that their salary cap situation won’t get much better in the foreseeable future.

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That’s why they will have a tough time finding reinforcements in the off-season.

The Warriors Need Jonathan Kuminga

With that in mind, Warriors beat writer Marcus Thompson II showed his concerns about the future of the dynasty.

They’re not in a good spot, draft-wise, and money will also be tight:

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“The question now, perhaps best asked in all caps, is how will they get a No. 2? They don’t have high enough picks to draft such a talent,” wrote Thompson.

“They likely won’t even have their 2024 first-round pick (due to their 2019 trade with the Grizzlies to take Andre Iguodala’s contract). 

They don’t have the salary cap space to sign that player. And they probably wasted their best trade-deadline chip (Chris Paul’s expiring $30 million salary) to get one.”

Jonathan Kuminga

Jonathan Kuminga

As things stand now, Jonathan Kuminga might be the Warriors’ only hope.

He has shown glimpses of greatness, but they need him to be that consistent No. 2 option besides Steph:

“If there is any salvation in the torturous inconsistency of the Warriors’ season, it’s Kuminga’s development and the unearthed possibility of him being the future co-bearer of their offense,” Thompson added. 

“Kuminga might be the best option down the road. But even with his potential, it’s going to take a leap to get him ready for that role.”

The Warriors were the best team in the league last decade, and it wasn’t even close.

But all good things come to an end, and not even this dynasty will be the exception to that rule.

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