Stephen Curry’s tears bring Draymond Green’s “Dark” past to light as the Warriors season remains on red alert

Draymond Within just 4 minutes into the game, Draymond Green saw the exit door for the game against Orlando Magic.

Green received two technical fouls as Paolo Banchero received a chance to even the game at 6.

Disagreeing with an instance on the floor, Green was seen sharing his concerns with the referee. Receiving his first tech, Green continued to wreak havoc on the ref.

His teammates and coaches pulled him on the sidelines.

However, Green, aware that he had crossed a line, headed toward the locker room before the second whistle reverberated through the arena.

The sight felt like Green had given up on his team.

So did the instance when Stephen Curry could not help but tear up after Dray’s ejection.

Green, being suspended four times this season, has already been the facilitator of major Golden State Warriors struggles.

His latest stint, in the middle of the Warriors’ desperate attempts to save their season, marks the hardcover of Draymond Green’s brushes with commitment.

With that, several notions about Green hurting the Warriors franchise have gained traction.

One such is by Natalie Esquire, radiating what many fans claim.

The narrative blames Green for getting into trouble earlier than this season.

Moreover, it dates back to the 2016 NBA Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers.


Draymond Green was suspended from Game 5 of the 2016 NBA Finals due to the accumulation of too many flagrant fouls over the playoffs.

The Warriors lost the crucial game 5, ending their championship hopes in 7 games.

Additionally, in the previous season’s playoff, he was in the news for punching Jordan Poole in a team practice; breaking the team chemistry.

While the instances haven’t been as grievous this season, the forward’s disagreeable acts have, nonetheless, witnessed unwelcomed scenarios.

Draymond Green’s suspensions this season

Throughout the entire season, Draymond Green has been involved in numerous questionable plays; all while dampening Golden State’s chance in the game.

So far, he has been ejected four times this season, a career-high. Moreover, he has faced multiple suspensions this year alone, keeping him out of the court for over 15 games.

His first suspension came in November 2023, after Green head locked Rudy Gobert during the initial minutes of a game against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Green claimed his action came in light of protecting his teammate, Klay Thompson.

However, the league posed a 5-game suspension in light of his history of unsportsmanlike actions.

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