VIDEO Lebron James warms up with new song “Like That” before winning against Nets and Metro Boomin’s overreaction

Metro Boomin was not surprised to see LeBron James have a 40-point night on incredible efficiency after warming up to his new song ‘Like That’

Metro Boomin Reacts To LeBron James Vibing To New Song 'Like That' Before Win Over Nets

LeBron James was seen rapping along to hip-hop producer Metro Boomin’s new track ‘Like That’ with Future and Kendrick Lamar before the Lakers vs. Nets game tonight. The hip-hop producer thinks that’s what led to James’ efficient 40-point outburst.

“Bro was warming up to Like That then went 9/10 from 3 and 13/17 for 40 points.”

The song played over the PA during the shootaround for the Lakers vs. Nets game, as multiple people caught James rapping Kendrick Lamar’s verse while on the court.

There is a lot to be excited by in this clip, especially how James is contributing to a major hip-hop rivalry through this.

The verse that James was rapping along to on the court is allegedly a diss by Kendrick Lamar toward Drake, a close personal friend of James.

LeBron openly vibing out to the song might ruffle some feathers concerning this developing hip-hop rivalry, but it’s clear James doesn’t get that deep into matters like this.

Whether or not it was the song, James excelled with his 40 points, seven rebounds, and five assists tonight.

The 116-104 win improved the Lakers record to 42-33, still only good enough for the No. 9 seed in the West.

The Western Playoff Race Is Red-Hot

The race for the Western Conference playoffs is making every game of the regular season from now on count for a lot.

One loss can be paralyzing for a team as most West teams are winning at aggressive rates and still not moving up the standings.

The Lakers are one of them, boasting a record of 18-8 since February but haven’t moved up from the No. 9 seed in that entire time.

The top-six in the West are slowly defining themselves, with the Mavericks and Pelicans holding a two-game advantage over the chasing pack featuring the Kings and Suns.

The Lakers are just 1.5 games behind the No. 8 seed Suns, so they’ll be hoping to find a way ahead of them regardless.

The Suns were given one of the toughest 10-game stretches in NBA history to the 2023-24 season, with the team going 1-1 through the first two games of that stretch.

With teams like the Timberwolves, Pelicans, Clippers, Cavaliers, and Kings all facing them in must-win situations.

The Lakers have a much easier schedule in comparison and will hope to jump Phoenix.

The Warriors have regained a two-game lead over the Rockets for the No. 10 seed and will hope to hold on to it.

They’re still 1.5 games behind the Lakers with an easy schedule, so even they’ll be hoping to jump up the standings somehow.

The races up the table for the No. 4 seed and the No. 1 seed are also incredibly engaging, making sure that 11 out of the 14 West teams are actively competing to win games through the final two weeks of the regular season.

This will indubitably lead to some incredible basketball action.

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