Video of the Knicks’ free agent pitch to LeBron James from 2010 has been leaked to the Internet and strangely enough it includes Harvey Weinstein, The Sopranos and another special character

LeBron James, The Sopranos pitch (Photos via Getty Images and @PabloTorreFindsOut/YouTube)

LeBron James chose to take his talents to South Beach in 2010. He didn’t join the New York Knicks, but it was hardly for the want of trying.

The Knicks put together what must have been an expensive recruitment video that has finally leaked online thanks to Pablo Tore, who made it the subject of his ‘Pablo Torres Finds Out’ podcast on Tuesday.

The video features cameos from fictional characters Tony and Carmela Soprano, as well as the real-life Donald Trump, who would go on to be President of the United States.

Actors Chris Rock and Robert DeNiro joined the star-studded cast, including Knicks fan Spike Lee and various other celebrities.

There’s even a pitch from disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein.

The Sopranos bit is right below in a shorter clip:

LeBron James And Donald Trump Do Not Like Each Other Now

There’s now no love lost between LeBron James and Donald Trump, as they publicly criticized each other several times after the latter became President in 2016.

LBJ is fondly remembered by some for calling the former POTUS a “bum” in a social media post.

In any case, James chose to play for the Miami Heat, where he went to four straight NBA Finals and won two championships alongside Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

He later returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers, winning another title before joining the Los Angeles Lakers and winning his fourth.

The 39-year-old has since become the NBA’s highest-ever scorer and hardly appears to be slowing down at 39.

He has a player option for next season in his deal with the Lakers and could possibly sign elsewhere next term.

Perhaps the Knicks will make a run at him again, though they are in a much better position than they were back in 2010.

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