NFL Team Is Getting Sued By The Man Who Designed Their Logo In The 70s Because He Never Got Paid For It – Video

NFL football (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

An NFL team is being sued by the creator of its logo as he wants to be paid for his work.

Jim Pons, a former rock and roll musician, is suing both the league and the New York Jets.

According to TMZ, Pons says he came up with one of the logos when the Jets were looking to have theirs redesigned in 1978. He was working for the team as a film and video director at the time.

The lawsuit, obtained by the aforementioned publication, claims Pons submitted a logo depicting a jet plane over the letters E, T, and S, which the team loved and began using right away.

“Pons filed the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ Sports, in New York on Monday … claiming he made the now-iconic emblem way back in the 1970s, after he had been working for the team as a film and video director,” per TMZ.

The logo remained on the team’s uniforms until 1997.

They brought it back on a part-time basis in 2022 and announced it would return full-time earlier this year.

Pons was chuffed at first, even participating in an interview with the NFL team. You can check that out right below:

Jim Pons Wants Compensation From NFL Team

While he looks pleased in the feature above, Pons’ suit states that he is not happy with the team and the league as he reckons the design did not fall under his duties with the team.

He also believes he is owed some compensation, with claims that said entities are making millions off it.

Pons, 81, is suing the NFL and the New York Jets for unspecified damages and asking a judge to ban the use of his logo on the team’s uniforms and merchandise until they pay him for it.

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