PHOTO: Baby Gronk Gets Unusually Close To Will Levis’ Ex-Girlfriend Gia Duddy Following Her Recent Leaked Videos

Gia Duddy and Baby Gronk (Photos via giaduddy/IG & BabyGronk5/X)

Will Levis’ ex-girlfriend, Gia Duddy, got intimately close to internet sensation Baby Gronk over the weekend.

Duddy and Levis have been separated for several months, but she’s been trending again since raunchy videos of herself and the Tennessee Titans quarterback were leaked online back in May.

While the former NFL WAG hasn’t addressed the leaks, she has kept up appearances online and hasn’t deviated from her regular social media activity.

Most recently, she showed up alongside youth football star Baby Gronk, who’s been meeting plenty of famous people as of late.

Check their photo out below:

Fans tore into BG’s dad after seeing the above, as usual.

“Put his dad in jail for real what is this?” one asked.

“your dad should be put in jail,” another said.

“Dude is gonna catch a charge before his kid can even drive,” one user suggested.

“Easily the worst thing my eyes have ever seen. Please consider deleting this post,” a comment read.

“Man I’m all for propping up your kids and helping them succeed but NCAA coaches gotta stand strong with this kid’s father and not offer the kid a spot or scholarship of any kind. Otherwise we’ll just see more of this,” another user remarked.

Gia Duddy Is In A Space Of Her Own

Gia Duddy has carved out a niche for herself after going viral during last year’s draft.

The Penn State graduate attracted a lot of publicity after accompanying Will Levis to the event. While it was an embarrassing night for him, she gained thousands of followers and parlayed her fame into multiple endorsement deals.

Despite their breakup, she’s managed to remain relevant, although she probably would have preferred their videos to stay private.

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