The Entire Internet Is Losing It Over “Hawk Tuah” Girl And One NFL Superstar

Hawk Tuah girl (Photo via @cincy_soccer/X)

Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is catching some funny strays following the emergence of the “Hawk Tuah Girl.”

Said female has quickly become an online phenomenon, having described her most dangerous bedroom move in quite some detail.

“You gotta give him that Hawk Tuah and spit on that thing,” she said in a clip that has quickly gone viral.

Check her out here:

Oh, Lordy…

We’ve gotta say, we knew what the Hawk Tuah was all along, but it didn’t have a name until she coined the phrase. And everyone’s loving it.

Unfortunately for Tua, well, his name is Tua, so he was always going to be aligned with the Hawk Tuah Girl, and you can see some of the best Tua-based reactions below.

Everyone’s Trying To Find Out Who The “Hawk Tuah Girl” Is

The Internet does not sleep, so we’re pretty confident someone will identify this young lady soon enough.

The Oilers fan who flashed her chest was pretty difficult to ID, but she’s been ID’d all the same. Hawk Tuah girl doesn’t stand a chance.

Given her accent, we can already pinpoint her origins in Nashville. Plus, the video was shot there, so…

As for Tua, he’s probably never going to escape this. He’ll need to think twice before spitting on a football field again.

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