Unexpected statistics: Not Taylor Swift, the artist with the highest touring revenue of the year is someone else ?

According to the mid-year report of Pollstar (a revenue statistics unit of the performance industry), Madonna is the artist with the highest-grossing global tour in 2023 with the “Celebration Tour”.

This information surprised many fans because before that, Taylor Swift and her tour The Eras Tour were the most talked about international media of the year.

Notably, Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour is expected to surpass $1 billion in commercial revenue by December 2023. The famous singer’s global tour is expected to bring in more than $2 billion by the end of this year.

Taylor Swift is absent from the list of artists with the highest global touring revenue in the world in 2024 voted by Pollstar (Photo: News).

In addition, Swift’s fortune has increased rapidly thanks to a series of records for online listening of her new album The Tortured Poets Department with a total of 31 songs. As of May, Forbes magazine has honored Taylor Swift on the list of global USD billionaires when the female singer owns 1.3 billion USD.

Taylor Swift’s absence from Pollstar’s list surprised many. The company revealed that their survey was based on provided by artists’ teams. Therefore, Taylor Swift’s failure to provide official was the reason for her absence this time.

According to obtained by Pollstar, Madonna became the artist with the highest-grossing global tour to date.

With an average ticket price of $208.85, the veteran star had an average total revenue of nearly $2.8 million and sold 13,378 tickets per show. Over the 65 shows of the Celebration Tour , Madonna sold 856,247 tickets for 34 stops.

Madonna is the highest-grossing global touring artist of 2024 with her “Celebration Tour” (Photo: Getty Images).

Following Madonna on the chart is Bad Bunny with $174.6 million from his Most Wanted Tour . Next is Luis Miguel with $169.4 million, U2 with $135 million, and Karol G with $111 million.

The top 10 on Pollstar’s list also includes Bruno Mars ($102 million), Coldplay ($100 million), Seventeen ($74 million), Eagles ($69 million) and Nicki Minaj ($66 million).

Pollstar’s report revealed that the total global revenue of the show industry in 2024 reached $3 billion, up from $2.83 billion in 2023.

However, according to Pollstar’s assessment, the tour business is showing signs of slowing down in the first half of 2024.

Recently, many of the world’s biggest artists have had to cancel their tours due to lack of ticket sales.

For example, the American rock band The Black Keys had to end their international tour early, while the famous singer Jennifer Lopez had to change her name and switch from performing songs from her new album to singing songs associated with her name.

Madonna has spent more than four decades in the arts and has become one of the most influential figures in popular culture.

She has been recognized as the “Queen of Pop” of world music in recent years.

Throughout her career, Madonna has achieved a position that is difficult for anyone to reach, with an influence that goes beyond the boundaries of music, culture, politics, and society.

Madonna is recognized by Guinness as the most successful solo female singer (individual), the best-selling female artist of all time, and dozens of other records.

She is a pioneer in using MV as a new form of musical expression, associated with the postmodern period.

Not only is she the “Queen of Pop”, the star born in 1958 is also a famous beauty icon of her time. Her appearance has always been a topic of interest to the media and the public for decades.

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